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Help with enrolment for students.

Help with enrolment for students.

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Dear student,

Here are the steps to be taken to enrol to a course:

1. Register an account with Smart system - click on the link "Create new account" in login block on the left.
2. During the registration procedure do not forget to provide a valid e-mail address, the system will send to your e-mail address an activation link.
3. Press "Continue" button.
4. Go to your e-mail box, you will notice a new mail from SMART IBSU with topic "Smart Way of Learning - IBSU: account confirmation".
5. Click on the link provided in the body of the messege (or copy the link and paste in address bar of your internet browser).
6. If everything goes ok, the window with successful registration message will show up.
7. Click on the "Courses" button.
8. Choose the course you want to enrol with.
9. In a new window you will be asked for the "Enrolment Key", which is provided by the lecturer of the course. The enrolment key can be requested from the lecturer or your classmates.
10. That is it, you are enroled.

Wish you success in your studies.

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Re: Help with enrolment for students.

by George Simongulashvili -
I have an account, but I do not see all my course, some of them are missing.
Thus it would a problem for my students to enroll.

Best Regards,

George Simongulashvili
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Re: Help with enrolment for students.

by Salavat Sayfullin -

Dear George Simongulashvili,

Probably your assignment as a teacher has been reset in those courses. Please ask faculty officer responsibile on Smart administration to reassign you to your lectures.