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About courses and course assignments

About courses and course assignments

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Dear Lecturers,

If you are new to this system, read following steps:

Firstly, you should create account in the system. You can refer to video tutorial provided on the main page on How to...
Secondly, you should check your e-mail address for confirmation link and click on it. If it is not in your Inbox of your mail provider, then check in Spam box. Without this action your account at will not be activated (it means you will not be able to login to the system), and Course Creators will not be able to assign you as a lecturer for the corresponding lecture.

Dear Course Creators,

Before assigning lecturer to the course please check if lecturer has an active account at How? Ask lecturer for their login names :).
Next, to assign lecturer to the course please go to the created lecture's page and on the left side under Administration menu find Assign Roles and go there. You will be presented who to assign. Go to teacher part(you will see your name there), search for the lecturer by name or surname and assign him/her for the lecture. If you want you can remove yourself from assigned teacher's part.
Next, do not alter role names in Lecture settings page. Where it is located? Left side of lecture page, under Administration find Settings and go there. Near to the bottom you will find Role renaming - this setting is not for assigning lecturer, actually it is for naming Teacher as Tutor, or matsavlebeli, or smth else. It is not for assigning lecturer for the course, so please leave them blank(empty).