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Dear users,

SMART has been updated to Moodle version 3.11.8. as well as the OS of the server. All your assets hopefully remain untouched.

You will experience new features and user interface. Hopefully, it will aid you in teaching as a lecturer and studying as a student.

We apologize for any inconvenience related to this upgrade. Some settings and limits may not be as they should be. Please, notify us promptly on any issue, so that we can address it in timely manner.

The issue of uploading files up to 50Mb in size has been resolved. For a file with larger size, due to space limitation of the server, it is recommended to use Google Drive of your IBSU email account, and share the link in your SMART course with students.

As a security measure it is recommended to set the Enrolment key, so that your course materials are not shared/accessed world-wide but only by the students of your IBSU class.  

Wish you all happy teaching and studying!!!!